1. Product FAQs
    - Copic Markers
2. Payment FAQs
3. Shipping FAQs
4. Shopee FAQs
5. Pre-Order FAQs
6. Pre-Order Procedure
7. Return Policies

1. Product FAQs

A. Copic Markers
a. Do you sell Copic Marker Sets?

Yes, we sell customizable sets and a few pre-made sets. Simply add the colors in your cart and the discount will be applied automatically.

b. How much is the Copic Marker set?

Copic Sketch Set:

  • Set of 6 - P1600
  • Set of 12 - P3200
  • Set of 24 - P6300
  • Set of 36 - P9300
  • Set of 72 - P18200

Copic Ciao Set:

  • Set of 6 - P1170
  • Set of 12 - P2340
  • Set of 24 - P4600
  • Set of 36 - P6800
  • Set of 72 - P13400

c. What colors are available for the Copic Markers?

Please visit this link for the colors we have in stock.
For the full list of Copic Marker Colors, please visit this link.
If there are colors that you'd like but are unavailable, please pre-order them.  

d. What's the difference between Copic Sketch and Copic Ciao?

The Copic Ciao is basically the more basic, cheaper version of the Copic Sketch.  It was especially made for beginners but works just as good as the Copic Sketch.  They both have the super brush nib and are refillable.

2. Payment FAQs

a. What are the available payment methods?

  • BPI or BDO bank transfer (BDO has an additional P50 interbranch bank deposit fee)
  • Cebuana Lhuillier, Western Union, LBC (Fees apply)
  • PayPal 
  • Credit Card (processed by PayPal)
  • PayMaya via Credit Card
  • Cash on Delivery (available only via LBC COD and Shopee)

b. Can I pay via BDO or BPI Online Banking?
Sure! Just send us a screenshot after you've made the transfer. :)

3. Shipping FAQs

*Please be advised that we do not deliver inks via JRS



Shipping Fees


P0 - 1000

P1000 - 1500

1500 - Above

P2000 - Above

Abest (Small Pouch)



Free Shipping

Free Shipping

Up to 7 days

Abest (Large Pouch)




Free Shipping

Up to 7 days






Up to 3 days






Up to 3 days






Up to 4 days

    a. Do you have free shipping?

  • Yes, minimum purchase for free shipping is P1,500 for items that fit in small/medium pouches.
  • B4 size papers, Deleter Screentones (B4 size), and Copic cases for 72 require large pouches.
  • Minimum purchase for large pouches is P2,000.

    b. What courier do you use?

  • We use Abest, JRS & LBC

    c. Do you ship to my area?

    d. Oh no! My area is not on the list. What happens now?

  • If your area is not on the list, your package will be sent to the nearest Abest branch and you'll have to pick it up in person.
  • OR we can arrange to have your package sent thru another courier, but extra fees will apply.

    e. How long will it take for my package to arrive?

  • We know everyone's super excited to get their orders, but please allot 4 - 7 days for the arrival of your package after payment. ^^
  • We ship your package 1 - 3 days after confirmation of payment. Delivery usually takes 1 - 3 business days.

    f. Can I get my package earlier?

  • We can arrange to have it sent via JRS or LBC, but extra fees will apply. Please see the chart above for the rates.

    g. Do you provide a tracking number?

  • Unfortunately, no. We have all our packages picked up, so we only get a receipt number.  We'd have to contact our courier for the tracking number the next day and sometimes they don't reply/pick up.  So sometimes we get the tracking 2 - 3 days after we've sent the package, and usually by that time, it has already arrived.

    h. But how do I know if you've sent it? XO

  • We usually send a message once we send your item. If we don't, don't worry! We usually send the item 1 - 2 days after confirmation of payment (up to 3 days after if you pay on a Friday). :)

    i. It's been more than 3 days since you said you mailed my package. What's wrong?

  • In this case, please send us an e-mail and we'll contact our courier.  Sometimes they have trouble finding your address or they may have dropped by, but no one was around.

*Feel free to PM us on Facebook or e-mail us at for any other concerns or inquiries.

4. Shopee FAQs

* We also receive orders thru Shopee :)

    a. How do I order via Cash On Delivery (COD)?

  • You may pay via cash on delivery (COD) via enabled COD using Shopee’s logistics partner Xpost Integrated.

*Please note that changing the payment method will no longer be allowed after placing an order using COD

    b. How can I avail the Free Shipping when making a purchase?

  • Just look for the Free Shipping icon :) 
  • Shopee will shoulder 30% off shipping fee for purchases ₱250 - ₱499 and a Free Shipping of up to ₱60 with a minimum purchase of ₱500.
  • Free shipping applies to Xpost Integrated

* Free Shipping limit:

  • Up to a maximum of two (2) checkouts per day.
  • Up to a maximum of four (4) checkouts per week.
  • Up to a maximum of eight (8) checkouts per month.

*Once the limit is reached, buyers can continue to purchase on Shopee but shipping fees will apply to subsequent checkouts.

     c. Oh no I missed the payment deadline, what happens if I do not pay after the deadline?

  • Sadly, your order will be cancelled :(.


Note: The figure below is just a sample computation of your shipping fee if you chose to pay via COD. Shopee's system automatically computes your shipping according to your location and total order weight of the package.


Shipping Fees



Min of P500 speand


Xpost Integrated


Around P65






Note: Shopee also offers FREE SHIPPING on certain special events. This offers are only on Shopee and does not include our website.

5. Pre-Order FAQs

     a. Can I pay in full?

  • Sure, no problem! We'll just send your item right away once the stocks arrive.

     b. When can I get my items?

  • Stocks usually arrive 10 ~ 12 weeks after the payment period is closed.

     c. When are you open for pre-orders again?

  • We'll post an announcement on our site and Facebook page, but we usually open them every other month.

     d. Can I pre-order an item that's not on your product list?

  • We'll accept pre-orders for Copic nibs, and other Copic products, but for anything other than that, please message us.
  • We won't be carrying Sakura Koi Watercolors though. ^^;

6. Pre-Order Procedure

     a. Adding the items to your cart.

  • On the site Home Page, there will be items that have "PRE-ORDER" at the beginning of the product names.  
  • When you check out, there will be an input box where you can leave a message. Please type in the color codes for the items you'd like to order here.

     b. Payment

  • You can either pay upfront or once the stocks arrive.
    For bank payment or money remittance, we will only ship out once we get the full payment. 
    For cash on delivery, you can pay once you get the items. :)

7. Return Policies

     a. An item you sent me was damaged or is defective.

  • In case of a defect or damage caused by shipping (broken nibs, dried ink, cracked cases, etc.), please contact us within 5 days after receipt of item.  We will refund the amount of the damaged/defective item as a voucher which you can use on your next purchase.

     b. An item was missent.

  • In case of a missent item, please contact us within 5 days after receipt of item.  We will ask you to send the item back. After which, we'll resend the correct item along with a refund of the shipping fee.

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